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10 minute meditationthe fed collective
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This 10 minute meditation is set to music to help strengthen your ability to focus the mind while meditating. The piano is your "anchor" or point of focus.


As the music plays, you're encouraged to gently focus on the sound of the piano. If at any point you become aware that your mind has wondered or certain feelings are present, that's totally fine. Without judgment, simply return your attention to the sound of the piano.


The song plays for approximately nine minutes. If you'd like to continue the meditation after the music ends, shift your attention from the piano to your breath. Gently observe your stream of breath until you feel complete.

We suggest doing this meditation in a quiet space, where you can safely listen without distraction.

This practice is great to do in the morning, if you have a break in your day or any time you could use some help releasing stress or upset feelings.

*Featured song: Spiegel im Spiegel by Arvo Pärt

In-joy your experience. Namaste.

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