A Spiritual Path To Healing

Your greatest potential is unleashed when your heart & mind are congruent.

Learn to remove the obstacles making you feel stuck, sick, stressed, & unfulfilled so you can claim the life you're meant to live.

These obstacles are often outmoded belief systems, unhealthy habits, or deep rooted shame and resentments. Whatever it is, it can be healed.

All that's required is the willingness to try a new approach.

Access The Vision Calling You Forward 


This process bridges spiritual counseling with life coaching and maps out tangible steps to accomplishing your career, relationship, and health goals.  

During your session we'll:

  • Develop a mindfulness practice to help find your center

  • Use a powerful process to get clear on your heart's desire and address any goal that feels fulfilling and fun

  • Develop a personalized road map towards success

  • Explore spiritual practices and self-care exercises to aide your process

  • Address the blocks you encounter along the way

  • Record and celebrate your progress while fine-tuning the approach

  • Discover new goals as your vision comes to life

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What Does The Process Look Like?

Sessions with me are similar to traditional therapy but rather than focusing on the past, we keep your attention forward. Spiritual law reminds us that where we place our attention is crucial.


By keeping the focus on your desired changes, the root cause of what you'd like to change will naturally arise. We then shine a light on the root cause and the healing process accelerates. 


I'll support you in getting clarity about where you’d like to go and how you're going to get there.


By keeping focused on the vision you hold for your life, healing the root cause of the issue, and exploring what’s needed emotionally and mentally for you to live the life you desire, we bring transformation, relief, and new fulfilling experiences.

Is This For You?


My clients appreciate the value of inner wellness and understand spiritual health is the foundation of everything sustainable they build.

Like me, most of the people I work with tried multiple approaches to wellness but rarely experienced long-lasting results. They are interested in exploring a new approach and ready to prioritize their peace of mind. In essence, they've had enough of their current situation and are willing to do what it takes to experience fulfilling and lasting results.

If inner alignment is a priority and you understand the value in heart-centered discipline, then you will greatly benefit from this work.


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I do not offer consultations, as the solution for every situation is always the same. 

I look forward to connecting with you soon, 

Jesse Brune-Horan, founder

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Consulting World Wide via Webcam from Los Angeles, CA

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Colleague & Client Referrals


Cori Abraham

SVP Oxygen Media

Jesse changed my body and my life. Time with him makes my day, week, month, year! I've gifted my friends sessions with Jesse because I know how beneficial it is.


Ellen K

Radio & TV Host

Jesse is the real deal. He's a motivational force and a deeply gifted teacher of spiritual principle. I'm one of many people who feel this way. I would recommend him to anyone.

Jesse helps me feel good inside and out. My heart is so full after my sessions with him and it carries into all avenues of my life. I just love him.


Dr. Michael Lennox


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Jesse Brune-Horan is a licensed minister of metaphysics, licensed spiritual practitioner, healthy living expert, and professional chef. 

He co-founded Inspire Spiritual Community and acted as spiritual director for over seven years. He's offered hundreds of lectures on spiritual living, facilitates healing meditation retreats, has been a guest teacher at multiple univsersities and meets with clients both privately and in groups.

He developed the spiritual counseling and ministerial licensing program through Inspire and acted as head instructor for five years. He also leads mindfulness training for corporations.

His lifestyle expertise has been featured on numerous media outlets including Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), Bravo TV and Oxygen Network to name a few.

Learn more about Jesse's lifestyle experience.

Jesse Brune-Horan, LSP

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All Session Are 60 Minutes & Held Online Via ZOOM

Single Session


1 Month/4 Sessions


Monthly, On-Going


Group Session


*Max 4 people

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